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AryCare Brings Immobile Patient Home (4/18/2008)

HAPPIER AT HOME - The use of an AryCare Patient Support System has allowed yet another disabled adult to return home. She is a stroke victim as well as amputee. She uses the AryCare System to position and reposition in bed, and to position herself to look out the window, while providing all comfort and relief possible. Her husband (caregiver) uses the System to provide regular showers and transfer her to a wheelchair.
   It is a proven fact that staying at home patients stay healthy longer. At home they receive one-on-one care, therefore the smallest change in the patient's health is noticed almost immediately. Also the patient is more comfortable talking with the caregiver when they are part of the family. Additionally the caregiver is only taking care of one patient instead of many.
  The decision to leave the Professional Care Facility was made jointly by both the husband and wife immediately after traveling to the AryCare Factory where the system was demonstrated. The monthly cost to them is now less than 1/10 of the cost at the Professional Care Facility. They say 'if it cost the same, she would still come home'.  
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